How long should you have protective braids on and why?

How long should you have protective braids on and why?

Braids are one of the most common and popularly protective hairstyles for black hair. They are also one of those timeless hairstyles to rock for any modern woman of colour. Anybody of any age can have braids and still be powerful and attractive. As great as they are, it is important to understand why they are good for black/afro hair and how long you should keep your braids on. 

From Box braids, Knotless braids, Fulani braids, the plaited up-do, faux Three Strand Braids, to Senegalese Twist Up-do, we have a whole variety of styles to switch up to and from, as a form of fixing our crowns.

It can however get a little messy for our hair, appearance, and esteem when we keep a hairstyle for too long. Of course, the time period depends on the texture of your afro hair, if it is curly, coily, and of course the braid style. A little touch-up can help lengthen the time period you have your hairstyle on. 

Depending on each person’s preference, braids can last from 2 to 8 weeks. You should be prepared to cleanse roughly every two to three weeks as well in order to keep them fresh and to make your scalp dirt-free.

To help you keep your braids longer, invest in a good double-layered, large, and protective shower cap for braids so that they do not get damaged by excessive water from showering

The reason why it is unadvisable to have braids on for too long is because it can result in hairline damage which can lead to hair loss. It’s pretty obvious nobody wants to go bald from wearing braids for too long.

Having braids for too long could also damage your scalp health and will highly bring about unhygienic issues like excessive dandruff or folliculitis especially when you don’t wash your hair enough.

It is also very common for people prone to acne to get acne from having braids on for too long. An acne kind of reminder is not one most people want.

Braids are great as protective hairstyles and they are great if you want to switch up hairstyles, but it is also important to know how long you should keep them on how to take care of your braids, and when it is time to take them out. 

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Look cool in braids but remember to change them too!