7 Must Have Summer Shower Essentials

7 Must Have Summer Shower Essentials

The most anticipated season is right around the corner and we all want this summer to be better than any other. This includes travelling to exotic locations, chilling by the pool or the beach, soaking in the summer sun and spending as much time as we can with our friends and loved ones in barbeque parties and whatnots. After all the fun, it's always important to make sure you look and feel good always.

The summer heat comes with a lot of negatives, just as much as it brings all the happy vibes. It's good to make sure you stay as well prepared to go against any bad odor or sweat. A good shower routine comes in handy but an extra step to make sure every part of you is well cared for, gets the job done. Here are a few of my favorite shower essentials for the summer time:

1. Body Wash/Shower Gel

You need a good body wash to start your bath routine with but if you prefer soaps, that’s completely okay! I like taking baths with shower gels as they are less drying and have less surfactants than soap! If you don’t use a body wash, I suggest you start using it as they are more hydrating than soaps and come with fewer chemicals and gentle formula which won’t dry out the skin.

2. Body Scrub 

If you use a loofah, body gloves, or any other exfoliating method, you don’t really need a body scrub but if you find every other exfoliating method too harsh for your skin, switch to body scrubs as they are less damaging and gentle on the skin and has a creamy texture too which moisturises the skin along with exfoliating! I love using different types of exfoliation for my body, so scrubbing is also essential for me, you can even use your face scrub on your body that has a bit harsh granules like I always do! I use my face scrub which has gritty harsh granules on my body to exfoliate it weekly!

3. A good shower Cap

During the summer, we are all rocking our braids, twists, locs and all these beautiful hairstyles. We all want to slay and that's part of the summer fun! It is important to secure our hairstyles in the shower from damage brought to our natural hair by the shower moisture. A good shower cap that is waterproof and well secured, not only helps protect your hair but makes sure you remain stress-free when you plan to dress up any summer outfits since your hair will remain dry and cute all through. The Cool Breeze extra large shower cap from our Try This An That brand will not only get rid of your voluminous hair worry, but it goes with the summer aesthetic too! Check out www.ttat.co.uk for even more designs. 

4. Shampoo

I’m sure you all keep a bottle of shampoo in your bathroom but if you don’t then I suggest you keep one, schedule a time to wash your hair every 2 to 3 weeks, if you decide to go natural this summer. For our braided and loc-ed babes, we have a well-detailed blog on how to go about washing your braids (INSERT BLOG LINK). Also include a clarifying shampoo in your summer routine as heat and dirt take a toll on the hair making them dull, dry, and damaged! Use a clarifying shampoo once a fortnight to get rid of scalp buildup and a regular shampoo every 2 to 3 weeks!

5. Razor

If you like using a razor, then what better place is it to use it than your bathroom? I’m sure you all keep a razor in your bathroom, again, it saves time, use it when you are taking a bath, and don’t ever use a razor on dry skin, that way you will be getting more cuts, scratches, and rough skin! Use a conditioner on your body if you don’t have a shaving cream or any other cream to work up with a razor, conditioner comes really handy when you don’t have a shaving or any other cream in your bathroom! The razor will glide easily without creating any cuts if you use a conditioner before using a razor, tried and tested!

6. Body Lotion 

You should always keep a bottle of body lotion in your bathroom and use it after patting your skin dry! This way, the lotion absorbs better and keeps the skin moisturised for the rest of the day! Use a body lotion with SPF after taking a bath. Also, since you will be facing the sun ahead in the day, use a SPF body lotion to protect you from harmful sun rays. Avoid keeping a lotion with a pump dispenser in your bathroom if you are taking bath with warm water as bacteria can seep in through the pump of the lotion bottle and then back onto your body which is really unhygienic.

7. Roll-on Deodorant

This is a summer bath essential list and many of us face the problem of sweating in summer! If you sweat excessively and sweat leaves a mark on your clothes then I would suggest you use fresh lemon peel or lemon juice on your underarms daily in the morning and squeeze half a lemon in your bath water. Lemon will kill the bacteria, shrink down the pores, and will make you sweat less! The roll-on deo will keep you fresh and sweat-free for at least 4-5 hours if not more than that!

That is it for the Shower Essentials summer edition. As you enjoy the summer sun and heat, make sure you borrow one or two of these basic shower essentials to add a little more freedom for yourself this summer. Have a nice time everyone!