6 Tips to a healthy scalp and healthy hair

6 Tips to a healthy scalp and healthy hair

If you want healthy hair, whether you have afro hair, curly hair, locs or braids on, having a healthy scalp is essential. The root to healthy hair starts from the scalp. Most people overlook taking care of the scalp due to focusing too much on taking care of the hair only. Lack of taking care of the scalp could lead to cysts, pain, flakiness, itchiness and sun damage. If these conditions are left untreated for long, they could easily lead to hair loss or partial baldness. Here are a few tips to care for your scalp:


    1. Wash your hair less often

Shampooing your hair too frequently strips away the natural oils which in turn makes the scalp produce more oil, making your hair oily. Increasing the time between wash days enables the scalp to even out oil production. Skipping hair day doesn’t have to be as stressful, especially about getting your hair wet. Investing in a good double-layered waterproof shower cap is extremely beneficial.

  1. Invest in a scalp scrub

Just like using a scrub on your face or body, a scalp scrub exfoliates the skin on your head, removing excess skin cells, dandruff, and oil, also increasing blood flow in the blood vessels, and boosting hair growth. There are also various ways to DIY a scrub at home, which can be very economical. Using a scrub on your scalp can also feel relaxing and de-stressing. Everybody loves a little relaxation once in a while.

  1. Using gentle hair care products

Hair products that contain sulphates and harsh chemicals are very dangerous for the hair. The sulphates strip away natural oils on your hair and the chemicals burn layers of the skin which interfere switch the chemical balance of the scalp leading to the various scalp issues mentioned before.

  1. Protect your hair from the sun

Just like any other part of the body, your scalp is prone to sun damage. Protect your scalp by wearing a hat or a comfortable shower cap while lounging outside, applying SPF directly to the scalp, and avoiding spending too much time in the sun during the middle hours of the day.

  1. Eating a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet can contribute to overall health, no doubt. A diet rich in Omega 3 boosts hair growth and food with antioxidants makes a big difference to the hair by balancing out the chemical reaction in the skin generally, including the scalp.

  1. Develop a good scalp care routine

While everyone has a routine for almost everything, a scalp care routine is just as important. Incorporating things like massaging, scalp scrubbing, and deep treatments are necessary for a healthy scalp. A deep treatment that includes steaming (especially for people with dry skin) benefits the skin since opens up the cuticles and lets in the hair treatments leaving the scalp feeling moisturised, especially if the oils are sealed in with a good-fitting shower cap like our TTAT Extra Large Unisex shower caps which are adjustable and comfortable to your liking.

Following these tips will lead to a scalp that looks and feels healthy, saying goodbye to all the itchiness and flakiness. The scalp also produces sebum, or oil that helps keep the skin moisturised and protects the skin from infection, leading to healthy hair growth.