5 simple dreadlocks tips to get you started

5 simple dreadlocks tips to get you started

Did you know that dreadlocks were used as a social and cultural symbol in pre-Columbian America, Oceania and Africa?  The hairstyle represented a connection with the divine and with the spirit realm and was often a symbol of strength and integrity for warriors and chiefs.

Through the years, more modern methods like deep conditioning and using the appropriate shower cap have come up to grow and care for dreadlocks better and to ensure your natural hair is still healthy and protected. Here are a few more specified tips to get you started on your dreadlocks journey.

1. There are different ways to start your locs. 
  You can traditionally use the comb method which involves sectioning the natural hair and using the fine teeth of a comb to twist the hair into a tight coil. You can also use mini twists or braids and leave the hair to loc that way. This method involves sectioning the hair and then using a steel crochet tool to tangle the hair into a semi-mature-looking loc.
2. Developing locs needs water.
Giving your locs water regularly will not only keep your hair moisturized, but it’ll also help with the locking process by causing the hair to shrink, leading to the locs becoming stronger. However, make sure to seal the hair with dissolvable butter or oil. Take note that you should not wash your hair for the first six months to avoid disturbing the parting. A great protective shower cap works perfectly for that! Check out www.ttat.co.uk for your shower cap needs.

3. They sometimes get thicker over time.

No matter what your locs look like when you install them, they will most likely look radically different in a couple of years time. A lot of the time the locs will thicken up as they matt. This is why many people with locs urge you to appreciate each stage in your journey. It can change over time.
4. Watch out for breakage at the root.
The biggest threat to your locs is breakage at the root or thinning in your locs. This can cause them to break and fall off. You can avoid this by keeping your locs moisturized and not manipulating them too much.
5.Enjoy the loc journey
 At the end of the day, this is a new journey , and new journeys are meant to be fun! So don’t forget to enjoy the whole journey.
Just like dreadlocks did historically, they symbolise strength and power. Get into these tips in your new journey and glow! Are you thinking of starting your loc journey? Let us know and share any tips you may have.